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Organizations far and wide have enlisted our proven approach in order to overcome their biggest challenges—and many were kind enough to share their stories. Below you’ll find a few of the industries we specialize in, brands we’ve worked with, and first-hand accounts of what it’s like to truly transform your business.

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Our Clients’ Success

“I was able to leverage the Lean Focus team to perform Rapid Plant Analyses at our 8 manufacturing locations, which served as both a baseline and road map for future improvements. They highlighted a number of “low hanging” cost-savings opportunities that we incorporated into our annual budget and operating plan, which were valued in the millions.”

Jeremy Davis | CEO, Consolidated Glass Holdings

“Damon and his team are some of the best I have seen. They have the vision, values, energy, and edge to help you transform all or part of your business. Their work has accelerated our progress, and contributed to our large year over year gains. We also saw substantial improvement in safety, quality, on-time delivery, productivity, and working capital.”

Rob Tykal | SVP Operations, Superior Industries

“When I first reached out to Lean Focus, my organization did not have sustainable processes to deliver cash flow improvements and control E&O. Lean Focus was key in showing us how JIT systems work and the analysis that goes into the planning process. We have since conducted 2 kaizen boot camps with huge ROI. I have no doubt I will be calling upon them in the future.”

Raka Rao | Supply Chain Leader, Actuant Corporation

“My experience with Lean Focus has been transformative. At the most basic level they have taught us the importance and power of daily workflow management and problem solving skills. Damon is not only a great coach; he will also roll up his sleeves and get down in the trenches with you. And that’s where real growth occurs; from the ground up.”

Ralph Manning | CEO, Coltala Holdings

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