Common Client Challenges

Grow Sales


  • No sales or funnel management process
  • Can't describe target customer 
  • No clear value proposition
  • Products are outdated
  • Quote rate is low
  • Win rate is low

Increase Profits


  • Manufacturing costs too high
  • Forced to compete on price
  • Product cost control (variance)
  • Low gross margins
  • High overtime
  • Large amount of rework
  • Poor supplier performance

Improve Cash Flow


  • Slow turning inventory
  • Obsolete inventory write-offs
  • High outstanding receivables
  • Tough payables terms and timing
  • Large capital investments
  • Poor ROI on CapEx investments

Deliver On-Time


  • Lack of capacity 
  • Scheduling problems
  • High rework/scrap rate
  • Excessive equipment downtime
  • High changeover/setup times
  • Equipment maintenance issues
  • Raw material availability

Talent Gaps


  • Can't find skilled workers
  • Key open positions
  • Learning curve too long
  • High turnover rate
  • Lack of employee training
  • Disengaged workforce
  • Hiring process lacks results

Take Business to Next Level


  • Need a strategic growth plan
  • Need a culture of kaizen
  • Lack an operating system
  • Develop products faster
  • Expand to new markets
  • Acquire to grow inorganically
  • Lack a talent plan to grow

Client Solutions


How We Create Value With Lean



  • Pricing Realization 
  • Market Penetration 
  • Market Expansion 
  • Product Expansion 
  • Diversification 
  • Acquisition  



  • Value Engineering 
  • Supplier Negotiations 
  • Direct Labor Reduction 
  • Indirect Labor Reduction 
  • Cost of Poor Quality 
  • Indirect Expense Reduction 

Working Capital


  • Inventory Reduction 
  • Receivables Reduction 
  • Payables Improvement 
  • Fixed Capital Efficiency     

Our System, Your Results.

Lean Focus Business System (LBS)


  • The Lean Focus Business System (LBS) is comprised of Tools, Systems, and Ways of Working.  
  • The purpose is to achieve greater flexibility, agility, and higher levels of Customer satisfaction to increase competitive advantage and fund growth.
  • The system drives operational improvement of safety, quality, delivery, and cost while generating above-market growth and profitability.  

Growth System


The Growth System is a collection of structured processes and tools that allow companies to create sustainable competitive advantage in driving above-market organic growth.  The three pillars include:

  1. Discover:  Customer-centric approach to gather and interpret customer insights to influence product development and go to market strategies to delight customers and create competitive separation.
  2. Design:  Rapid design processes that accelerate product development time-to-market that support customer needs. Faster and better.
  3. Deploy:  Go-to-market processes and tools to improve sales and marketing productivity and effectiveness.  

Lean System


The Lean System is a set of proven, lean manufacturing tools that are deployed in a systematic manner to deliver breakthrough results in Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, and Productivity.  There are 5 steps to implementation:

  1. Specify Value:  from the perspective of the final customer.
  2. Map:  Create a map of the Current State and the Future State of the value stream. Identify and categorize waste in the Current State, and eliminate it.
  3. Flow:  Make the remaining steps in the value stream flow.
  4. Pull:  Let the customer pull products as needed.
  5. Perfection:  With kaizen, there is no end to the process of reducing effort, time, space, cost, and mistakes. Return to the first step and begin the next lean transformation.

Rapid Plant Analysis


The goal of a rapid plant analysis is to identify opportunities to reduce costs, reduce lead-time & reduce inventory while maintaining customer service levels by impacting all aspects of the business.

The opportunities will be quantified and summarized in a Lean Transformation Plan with emphasis on ROI and tool to use.

Commercial Discovery


Commercial discovery helps to identify and prioritize commercial processes to improve to accelerate revenue growth in line with Company’s initiatives… Lean Focus assesses, provides gap analysis and provides recommendations on commercial process improvement actions.

Customer Insight 360°


Analysis Approach that displays customer insights that show how to solve for the customer, delight the customer, upsell and retain the customer, and deliver relevant, personalized, contextual and predictive Customer Experiences. 

Tool-Based Boot Camps


Participants will receive comprehensive training and will take part in a results-based kaizen event where the focus will be placed on the applicable tool necessary to deliver the impact during the week.

Growth/Lean Leader Boot Camp


Hands-on training in daily management, the tools of standard work: cycle time, takt time, 8 waste reduction, time observation, spaghetti layout, one piece flow, standard WIP, and line balancing. Participants will leave with a personalized action plan, process, tools, and templates to effectively deploy continuous improvement in their company. 

Business System Development


Utilizing a 4-prong approach to design & development, we work with the client to build out a customized business system that addresses People, Plans, Processes, and Performance.

Problem Solving Workshop (PS2)


Participants will gain experience with our proprietary Problem-Solving System (PS2) using real problems brought in as pre-work and provided case studies.  

Daily Management Boot Camp


Participants will develop and deploy live daily management boards and processes in their departments aligned to key business metrics and practice conducting real daily management cross-functional reviews. 

Strategy Deployment Boot Camp


Strategic plan deployed into a structured results-based execution process. Level 1, Level 2, matrices, bowlers, action plans, and A3s. Obeya room and standard work for leadership cadence of monthly review.

Leadership System Boot Camp


Lean Focus will teach you HANDS-ON how to use the 3 critical business improvement processes of: Problem Solving (PS2), Daily Management, and Strategy Deployment  

Lean Transformation Boot Camp


Overview of the lean tools of flow, standard work, 6S/VM, pull, daily management, leadership gemba walks, value stream mapping, and A3 problem solving. This is an intensive hands-on workshop using the client’s real VSMs to accelerate learning.  

Leadership Kaizen Boot Camp


An intensive, hands-on breakthrough multi-kaizen event week, exposing senior leadership to the demands of a high performing lean culture. Real breakthrough business results will be achieved by the end of the week, requiring total leadership commitment and participation. 

Due Diligence & Integration


Through fact-based analysis, we identify and quantify potential EBITDA adjustments and working capital risks and opportunities, to create Day One and First 100 Day plans, followed by hands-on performance improvement. 

Talent Search


A “Lean” Practitioner knows what to look for in another “Lean” Practitioner.  Our Lean Focus comprehensive talent search process allows us to find the best match to drive results in your organization.  

Interim Leadership


We fill critical leadership positions in Operations, General Management, and Commercial roles so your business keeps running smoothly while you focus on finding the ideal candidate. 

Organizational Design


Organizational design is a step-by-step methodology which identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current business realities/goals and then develops plans to implement the new changes. 

Performance & Development


Do you know who your high and low performers are and are you managing them effectively with customized approaches?  How are you measuring employee performance consistently across the organization? Do you have the right talent in the right roles? Are your managers skilled at giving effective developmental feedback formally and informally on a continuous basis?

Culture & Engagement


Culture Workshops that address the 5 critical elements for a high-performing culture: performance management, leading by example, empowering employees, high collaboration & transparency, and continuous training & development.

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