Control Tower

Centralized Business Intelligence Software

POWERED BYLean Focus Business System (LBS)

Keep A Sharp Eye On Every Detail Across Your Business

Control Tower keeps your organization running smoothly with easy-to-understand performance monitoring. Spot issues as they happen and leverage data to develop effective solutions.

Tired of spending countless hours on meeting prep and dealing with disorganized information? Control Tower gives leaders easy-to-read visuals to quickly monitor the business’s health. Plus, it’s scalable, so it can grow with your company and positively impact all aspects of the business.

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See Through the Data Fog

Control Tower is a central hub that makes it easy to track all your key projects. It cuts down the time you spend on gathering, updating, and sharing data by turning everything into easy-to-read visuals to monitor performance.

Enhanced TransparencySpot Problems Quickly

Find inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and trends fast.

Strategic IntegrationContinuous Improvement

Standardize workflows for problem-solving, Strategy Deployment, and daily management to strengthen best practices.

Agility and AdaptabilitySave Over 100 Hours Per Year

Cut out repetitive data collection and prep work.

Agility and AdaptabilityTriple Your Time for Business Reviews

Free up time for strategic meetings by automating compliance checks.

Agility and AdaptabilityDouble Your Success Rates

Keep improving by tracking actions and results.

The Foundation of Your Success

Lean Focus Business System (LBS)

While many apps claim to streamline your workflow, Control Tower stands out with its unique integration of the Lean Focus Business System™ (LBS™). Trusted by world-class companies, including those in the Fortune 1000, LBS™ consistently delivers proven results.
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See Everything, Miss Nothing

Stay on top of every detail with comprehensive real-time insights to keep your team aligned.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 1

Centralized Repository

Keep all key initiatives, metrics, Kaizen events, and problem-solving activities in one centralized location. No more scattered information across multiple formats.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 2

Easy Monitoring for Leaders

Give leaders simple visuals to track key metrics and projects.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 3

Reinforce Best Practices

Nudge the workforce to follow best practices in Continuous Improvement and problem-solving.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 4

Meeting Readiness

Cut down on wasteful discussions during operating review meetings with clear visual indicators of completed work, creating a “tollgate-like” process for meeting readiness.

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Control Tower is part of Lean Focus ToolSuite™, a hands-off method of applying the Lean Focus Business System™. Each application in ToolSuite is specifically designed with Lean principles to help you quickly deploy the LBS™ tools and get the results you need.

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Schedule a Demo: Control Tower
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