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Get a clearer view of all your Kaizen events with Kaizen360 app,
the leading Continuous Improvement software.

You already know the value of incorporating Kaizen events into your operational strategy. But what about improving your Kaizen management process itself?

Kaizen360 enhances your ability to visualize all initiatives with centralized insights into every Kaizen event across your organization. It makes the journey from planning through execution and post-event analysis a more effective experience.

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Complete Control of Your Kaizen Process

Quickly visualize all the activities and statuses of all Kaizen events—before, during, and after. Manage things more effectively and over time, improve your Continuous Improvement process.

The Kaizen360 app outperform other Continuous Improvement software such as KaiNexus by quickly visualizing all activities and statuses of Kaizen events—before, during, and after. Manage more effectively and improve your Continuous Improvement process over time. 

Kaizen 360 | Leader | KaiNexusSee who is running each event

Kaizen 360 | Accomplish | KaiNexusSee what is being accomplished

Kaizen 360 | Progress | KaiNexusSee the progress being made towards goals

The Foundation of Your Success

Lean Focus Business System (LBS) | Kaizen 360 & KaiNexus

While many apps claim to streamline your workflow, Kaizen360 stands out with its unique integration of the Lean Focus Business System™ (LBS™). Trusted by world-class companies, including those in the Fortune 1000, LBS™ consistently delivers proven results.
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Get a Full Life-cycle View of Kaizen Activities

Lean Focus Software Suite - 1

Centralized Control

Gain a 360-degree view of all Kaizen activities within your organization. Understand who is leading the initiatives, the objectives, and the methodologies employed.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 2

Real-Time Collaboration

Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across teams, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed throughout the event lifecycle.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 3

Progress Tracking

Monitor the status and effectiveness of ongoing and completed Kaizen events against predefined metrics and goals.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 3

Actionable Insights

Generate valuable insights from data collected during Kaizen events, enabling informed decision-making and strategic adjustments.

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Take a Closer Look at Kaizen360

Dive into Kaizen360 with George Ellis of Lean Focus to see how Kaizen360 gives you incredible visibility into your Kaizen events and how your teams can sustain the improvements.


Kaizen360 is part of Lean Focus ToolSuite™, a hands-off method of applying the Lean Focus Business System™. Each application in ToolSuite is specifically designed with Lean principles to help you quickly deploy the LBS™ tools and get the results you need.

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Schedule a Demo: Kaizen360
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