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From commercial process improvement to interim leadership, our team of senior-level practitioners have proven solutions for countless business challenges. We offer services—on-site or online—customized to the needs of our clients based on scope, size, current state conditions, and complexity. Take a look below to see a few of our tried-and-true tactics for business transformation.

Proven Solutions

Talent Search & Interim Leadership

Our unique understanding of high-performance organizations and their cultures positions us to know what “Icons” look like and where to source them.
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Training Workshops & Kaizen Events

We offer both comprehensive and highly-specialized training, workshops, and kaizen events to tackle any business challenges you are facing.

Commercial Process Improvement

We offer services to support your team in driving better, faster, and higher-quality products and services to market in order to help your top-line growth.

Operational Process Improvement

Using our broad industry experience in applying Lean transformations and conversions, we can help your operations drive improvements from top to bottom.

Strategic Planning and Strategy Deployment

Our team of experts can facilitate a systematic Strategic Planning approach using our structured results-based execution process, while our Strategy Deployment process will help you identify how you will actually achieve what you are planning.

Business System Development

Utilizing a 4-prong approach to design & development, we’ll work with you to build out a customized business system that addresses People, Plans, Processes, and Performance.

Culture Transformation

We help organizations build a sustainable high-performance culture through Culture Workshops that address the 5 critical elements: performance management, leading by example, empowering employees, high collaboration & transparency, and continuous training & development.

Private Equity Services

When it comes to due diligence, portfolio assessments, value creation, acquisition integration, or a need for site assessments and road map development, our team of experts can provide realistic timelines, services, and support to drive towards your objectives.

On-Site or Online

Live, Virtual Coaching

If on-site visits aren’t feasible, don’t worry; we can still provide the proven solutions your team needs, remotely. Due to the flexibility of the Lean Focus Business System, we’re able to offer our full suite of services—along with live, virtual coaching—from practically anywhere in the world. With immediate access to expert Lean Leaders and customized solutions at your fingertips, you’ll have the tools and expertise you need to transform your business for good. Email us at info@leanfocus.com or call us at (630) 800-8519 for a free consultation.

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