Private Equity Solutions

Due Diligence


  • CIM Review
  • Pre-LOI Buy-side Assessment
  • Post-LOI Operating Diligence
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • 100 Day Plan Development
  • Talent Assessment

Portfolio Assessments


  • Rapid Plant Analysis
  • Commercial Discovery Process
  • Footprint Optimization
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Make-buy Analysis
  • Supply Chain Assessment

Value Creation


  • Kaizen Event Execution
  • Implementation Projects
  • Interim Management
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Integration Support
  • Business System Development

Trusted Partner for Private Equity


Track Record of Results

Former Danaher Executives with deep experience in due diligence, consulting, evaluating, valuing and integrating companies in Private Equity portfolios – Lean Focus has done it many times and we have done it successfully.


Lean Focus Business System (LBS)

PE firms must be able to provide more than just access to capital. Our Lean Focus Business System provides you a competitive advantage and uniquely touches all aspects of the acquisition and integration process:

  • Growth, Lean, and Leadership
  • We provide comprehensive evaluation and recommendations on target companies


Strong Bias for Action

Highly skilled in developing 100 day strategic plans, converting to action via strategy deployment and daily management processes for rapid company transformation.  We move quickly to drive top line growth, operating profit, and working capital improvements via our proprietary business system...LBS.

Experience Matters


Acquisitions Integrated


Companies Worked In


Years of Lean Experience

Due Diligence & Integration Process


  • Due diligence - We help support better deal decisions by performing commercial due diligence, using operational due diligence to assess performance improvement opportunities, and providing a post-acquisition roadmap.  Due diligence provides insight on the degree to which operations are: 
    • Optimized for Operational Excellence
    • Sustainable at current / planned capacity and margins
    • Performing at/near/above benchmarks within an industry (Inventory, cycle time, etc.)
    • Efficiently deploying capital (working capital, human capital and intellectual capital)
    • Supported by reliable fixed assets or at risk of unplanned capital expenditures
    • Producing/delivering high quality products that meet known customer expectations
    • Led by a competent leadership team focused on continuous improvement.

  • Immediate post-acquisition - We support the pursuit of rapid returns by developing a strategic value-creation plan for the acquired company, leading workshops that align management with strategic priorities and directing focused initiatives.

  • Ongoing value creation - We help increase company value by supporting revenue enhancement and cost reduction and by refreshing strategy.

How We Create Value



  • Pricing Realization 
  • Market Penetration 
  • Market Expansion 
  • Product Expansion 
  • Diversification 
  • Acquisition  



  • Value Engineering 
  • Supplier Negotiations 
  • Direct Labor Reduction 
  • Indirect Labor Reduction 
  • Cost of Poor Quality 
  • Indirect Expense Reduction 

Working Capital


  • Inventory Reduction 
  • Receivables Reduction 
  • Payables Improvement 
  • Fixed Capital Efficiency     

Value Creation Levers

7 Principles of Private Equity Value Creation



  1. Install a holistic business system to drive results.
  2. Establish rigor and process around spending and working capital.
  3. Have a bias for action...time is money.
  4. Make smart investments for the long-term.
  5. Best team wins...assess and take action on key talent quickly.
  6. Build incentives into the plan for key leadership.
  7. Set high expectations and problem solve the key metrics.

Are you ready to UNLOCK value?

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