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Lean Focus is committed to helping our clients accelerate value creation through the adoption of our Lean Focus Business System.  A "who's who" of global leaders in every industry, our clients include some of the world's most respected brands and several members of the Fortune 1000.

Ideal Lean Focus Clients

Are you committed?

When someone is committed they take action. When they take the right actions and follow the right plan they make progress. That progress leads to results. And results leads to growth. 

Our most successful clients are those that overcome their fears, take the leap of faith, and roll up their sleeves to put in the work, follow the plan and take action. The result = they reach their goals much faster than they ever thought possible. 

Are you passionate?

Aside from the ability to keep clear lines of communication open, the thing that makes for an enjoyable experience is working with clients who are genuinely passionate about their business. These clients know their customers, they know their products or services inside and out, and they just enjoy what they do. 

Are you transparent?

Whether it's bad news or good news, we want to hear it from our clients. Budget cuts, focus changes, new hires, missed deadlines – whatever it is, it must be communicated. 

What to Expect

Lean Focus Business System:

  • Real results do not happen by accident.  
  • We have a proven process for driving cultural change and delivering breakthrough, year-on-year performance.
  • We guarantee the results of our work. 
  • Our engagements deliver between 5:1 to 12:1 ROI 

Achieve Real Results with LBS:

  • Productivity gains of 20-40% 
  • Sales growth of 5-15%
  • Material savings of 10-75%
  • Lead time reductions up to 75% 
  • Inventory reductions of 40-80% 
  • On-time delivery results of 99+% 
  • Defect reductions of 50% 
  • NPD launch times cut by 80% 
  • CapEx spending reduced by 50%
  • Space reductions of 20-50% 
  • Setup time reductions of 20-70% 
  • OEE increases of 20-50%

Real Results

On-Time Delivery


$300M Medical Device Manufacturer - Improved OTD from 40% to greater than 95% and reduced $8M in past due sales to less than $500K in 4 months by installing structured Tier 1-3 daily management & problem solving processes and a prioritized kaizen action plan aimed at eliminating OTD interrupters.

Sales Growth


$40M Medical Device Manufacturer - Through the implementation of Sales Force Productivity tools i.e., territory mapping/alignment, call plans, key account management processes, and leader standard work, drove 22% increase in North America sales revenue year-over-year.

Margin Expansion


$1B Large-Cap Industrial platform - Created Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VAVE) program, developed training modules, performed product portfolio analysis, built project funnels, facilitated workshops, which delivered over $3M in annualized savings in first 2 years of program.  (1% of material spend)



$200M Sheet Metal Fabricator - Reduced number of high risk workstations in largest department from 11 down to 2, utilizing ergonomic kaizen principles, and job hazard analysis.

Working Capital


$850M Capital Goods Manufacturer - Reduced spare parts inventory 46%, while maintaining >95% on-time delivery across their China Service Part Distribution Centers using tools such as: Kanban, Min-Max, and Kitting.

Problem Solving Culture


$20B industrial company - Created and launched a systematic Problem Solving Process including: training modules, certified trainer process, and audit & sustainability process. Trained and mentored over 600 employees and certified trainers across all 5 strategic platforms from CEO Level / Presidents to front-line associates.

Client Testimonials

Ken Newsome, CEO, Markel Food Group


 "I was talking to Damon about Strategy Deployment and Daily Management.  I was very excited to embrace the principles he was describing.  We had been working, and struggling, on our Lean Journey for many years.  He responded, “your biggest problem is that your organization doesn’t know how to solve problems.”  “You need to start with a two-day class on Problem Solving.”  I feared telling my global leadership team that they needed to travel to Richmond, VA to have a “Problem Solving Class.”  They complied.  I was aware that this compliance was out of my authority, and not out of their desire.   By the end of the class, the most noted comment, from the leading skeptic of our Lean Journey, was, “I wish we had started with this two years ago.”   Damon has a unique way of making Lean Thinking seem very simple. He is a great teacher and coach."   

Earl Jewett, VP Manufacturing, Klein Tools


"I worked with Damon Baker and Lean Focus Consulting to support facility optimization events in two of our manufacturing facilities.  He utilized a 3P Kaizen approach with the internal team and offered a number of tools that helped us recognize space and opportunities that we previously overlooked.  In addition, each member of the team offered compliments about the approach and new tools they were introduced to during the event.  I highly recommend Damon’s organization when considering activities to support operational improvement results."  

Jeremy Davis, CEO, Consolidated Glass Holdings


"Shortly after starting a new role leading a PE backed set of manufacturing businesses, I was able to leverage Damon’s team to perform their Rapid Plant Analysis at our 8 manufacturing locations, which served as both a baseline and road map for improvements.  The Lean Focus team highlighted a number of “low hanging” cost savings opportunities that were valued in the millions of dollars that we incorporated into our annual budget and operating plan. The approach was effective and we intend to have Lean Focus support additional training and kaizen events to realize the identified savings."

Testimonial - Gardner Denver

Paul Dick, Director of Operations at Gardner Denver.  Client testimonial regarding our Leadership System Boot Camp.

5 day Workshop: Problem Solving, Daily Management, and Strategy Deployment

Testimonial - NNE A/S

Gorm Bue Nielsen, Director, Business Process Improvement at NNE A/S.  Client testimonial regarding our Leadership System Boot Camp.

5 day Workshop: Problem Solving, Daily Management, and Strategy Deployment

Testimonial - The Standard

Joel Amar, Senior Lean Coach at The Standard. Client testimonial regarding our Leadership System Boot Camp.

5 day Workshop: Problem Solving, Daily Management, and Strategy Deployment

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