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When you look at our team, you won’t find career consultants—you’ll find hands-on practitioners who have held top leadership positions in world-class companies. Whatever challenges your company is facing, you’ll have one of our trusted experts by your side, helping you move the needle. By way of introducing our dedicated team, please allow us to present the founder of Lean Focus, Damon Baker, and his Division Leaders:

Damon Baker

CEO | President

Damon’s been implementing lean practices in various GM & VP-level capacities for more than 20 years, but it was at Danaher that his passion for true business transformation was born. After successfully developing Danaher’s now-universal Problem-Solving Process, Damon was inspired to create a new, more comprehensive business system that enables organizations to improve on all fronts—not just Lean. Today, that system is known as the Lean Focus Business System™, and it is not only the foundation on which Lean Focus was formed, it is the method with which businesses all over the world are able to transform for the better, and for the long term.

Damon is a natural leader with an approachable, down-to business demeanor. He’s well-known for his candor, his insightful feedback, and his unique ability to motivate teams with transformative methods.

Stan Askren - Lean Focus

Stan Askren

Board Member

For the past 14 years, Stan has been serving as the acting chairman and CEO of HNI, a company that is globally recognized as a Lean Operations benchmark, and well-respected for its accomplishments in the Lean community. As the penultimate Lean Leader, Stan has inspired thousands of his associates to drive performance improvements and established a powerful global presence by leading, coaching, and teaching from the frontlines.

Stan is an expert problem solver who works by your side, leading the Lean charge, and motivating your team to create lasting cultural improvements with a truly hands-on approach.

April Lee

Managing Director

As a Lean Focus leader overseeing the operations of the business, April has insights to driving culture transformation applications within the Growth, Lean and Leadership toolset.  April is known for her holistic approach to problem-solving with a deep dive into analytics, while driving up engagement and empowerment amongst team members.  With a proven track record and the skills to match, April knows what it takes to drive leadership, growth, and lean transformation in today’s competitive marketplace.

April is focused on helping you drive real results. She’s proactive, collaborative, and cares about your business as if it were her own.

Guy Schiller - Lean Focus

Guy Schiller

Leadership Practice

Over the past 30 years, Guy has championed the Human Resource function for such companies as Danaher, Vestas, PAREXEL, and Addivant. But Guy has excelled well beyond his basic HR responsibilities—he has become specialized in organization development, having successfully developed and implemented Lean Culture Systems within numerous enterprises. It’s because of this extensive experience working with Executive Leadership to develop business vision and strategy that he has been so successful in making top-to-bottom organizational improvements.

Guy is a high-energy and highly motivated mentor who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves. He leads, coaches, teaches, and drives action through passion and inspiration.

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