Listen to Damon Baker, Founder & CEO and Rick Hartman of Lean Focus as they cover the following:

- What is Rapid Plant Analysis?
- What analysis tools and approaches are used?
- What level of involvement is recommended?
- What savings potential can you expect?
- How can you get started? 

Press Releases

Lean Focus Launches GROW™ Gemba-Based Talent Search Service


"Lean Focus CEO Damon Baker believes this service expansion is perfectly aligned with the company's vision to "build lasting continuous improvement cultures that create strategic advantage for our clients..."

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Partnered with Berkshire Hathaway (Pampered Chef) to Establish Lean Focus Business System University

"Lean Focus is proud to announce the grand opening of Lean Focus Business System University (LBSU), a joint-collaboration with Pampered Chef (a Berkshire Hathaway company) located in Addison, Illinois (Greater Chicago) to deliver hands-on workshops and training events in a real business setting.  Pampered Chef has a leadership team that is fully committed to the Lean Journey and is building a sustainable culture of continuous improvement from top-to-bottom."


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