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When running a Lean organization, it’s IMPERATIVE that you people the company with individuals motivated to apply Lean principles, and the knowledge to do so. If not, cultural transformation and education are necessary or the company will suffer the consequences of lost profit potential. Focused Solutions, one of our 8 Practice Areas, offers MULTIPLE public speakers to talk on a variety of Lean topics under the Lean umbrella, including: culture, leadership, execution and many more.

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In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, organizations face numerous challenges that demand effective problem-solving skills. This thought-provoking presentation explores the power of problem-solving and unveils actionable strategies to cultivate a culture that thrives on finding innovative solutions. By embracing these strategies, leaders can lay the foundation for a lasting problem-solving culture that fuels Continuous Improvement and propels their organization to greater success. Attendees will gain insights into proven methodologies, practical techniques, and leadership approaches that empower teams to tackle complex challenges and drive sustainable growth. Discover the transformative potential of problem-solving and learn how to foster a culture that endures, adapts, and embraces change in pursuit of excellence.

Organizations strive for sustainable success that goes beyond short-term gains. This captivating presentation unveils the ultimate guide to building a lean business system that delivers lasting impact. Drawing upon proven methodologies and real-world examples, this session equips leaders with the knowledge and strategies to unlock success through the implementation of lean principles. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how a Lean Business System can drive operational excellence, streamline processes, and optimize resources. From eliminating waste to fostering a culture of Continuous Improvement, this enlightening talk explores the essential elements needed to establish a robust Lean framework. Discover how to create a business system that enhances productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability while fostering an environment of innovation and adaptability. Leave with actionable insights and a roadmap to building a Lean Business System that not only propels your organization forward but also leaves a lasting impact in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in driving organizational success and inspiring transformational change. In this captivating presentation, we delve into the concept of leading with purpose and explore how Lean leadership practices can ignite and sustain transformation within your organization. Drawing upon real-world examples and actionable insights, this session unravels the key principles and strategies that empower leaders to create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Discover how aligning your leadership approach with Lean principles can unlock the full potential of your teams, foster innovation, and drive remarkable results. Gain a deeper understanding of the essential qualities and behaviors of Lean leaders, including effective communication, coaching, and empowering teams. Learn how to create a shared vision, set clear goals, and inspire a sense of purpose that fuels engagement and commitment among your workforce. Join us to explore the transformative impact of Lean leadership and unlock the keys to driving meaningful, sustainable change in your organization.

As businesses grow, they become more complex. This taken-for-granted trend, unfortunately, can often be the death knell of an operation. The employee experience and workflow become convoluted. Customers cannot navigate the services and products, and the company becomes unable to track the customer experience. Leadership, unable to read the core aspects of their business becomes isolated and unaware. Functions silo, missions drift, values become unclear and the company culture unravels.

This trend is what Gary Michel call’s “complifying”—and it isn’t an inevitability. As a leader in innovation, transformation and Lean business, Gary uses colorful stories and examples to demonstrate how to look beyond complifications that hurt profitability, hinder growth, and threaten organizations. These stories, drawn from his leadership at Club Car, Ingersoll Rand, Honeywell and JELD-WEN demonstrate how his leadership brought these already preeminent businesses to new heights through the process of “decomplifying” and embracing simplicity. He will guide you through the journey to decomplify leadership, employee and customer experiences, and to engage with a company’s culture, values and investors to unlock vast new possibilities.

Gary’s provocative axiom about business is that it must be reliably boring and relentlessly repeatable. He’ll explain why boring is a good thing—that it means the operation does what it is supposed to and that you can do exciting things by ensuring that you are boring enough to accomplish them. The relentlessly repeatable clause doesn’t mean being stuck in a cycle, but rather finding what works and then ensuring it can be done again—reliably. These are the paths to innovation, refinement, and results. Boredom can be disruptive, and repetition can be groundbreaking innovation.

Gary has spent considerable time independently measuring and processing employee engagement. He will engage with the work he has done in this area and discuss how to successfully keep employees engaged and how decomplification aids in the process. He will share how you can utilize his fresh eyes, clear voices and rally cry concepts to actively engage (and re-engage) associates throughout the organization and their tenures for innovation, transformation and performance.

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