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At Lean Focus, we understand that every hire you make must add value by delivering results and living the organizations' core values.  They should be an “Icon” of your organization. Our unique understanding of high performance organizations and their cultures, positions us to know what Icons look like and where to source them.  We have both contingent and retained search offerings that are process driven and flexible to meet your needs. 

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Our talent search practitioners have an average of 20 years of world-class, hands-on lean experience and assist in the “technical” interviewing process to determine the true level of expertise and lean background. 

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Access to company reviews, interview reviews and salary information mean today’s job seeker is more prepared than ever before. Combining a respectful, thorough interview process with authentic communication of your employer brand will help attract talented candidates to your open roles. 

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Talent Search Process

GROW™ Gemba-Based Talent Search


  • From C-Suite to Manager-level top talent, a TRUE Lean Leader knows what to look for in another Lean Leader. 
  • Our Lean Focus comprehensive talent search process allows us to find the best match to drive results in your organization.  
  • Designed by former Danaher Business System executive, Damon Baker, who has led Lean Transformation in over one hundred organizations and trained thousands of Executive Leadership and Continuous Improvement leaders, the Lean Focus process will identify characteristics, behaviors, and skill sets critical for Lean leaders.

GROW™ - Talent Model

We partner with clients to build out the ideal talent profile for candidates across 4 dimensions:


  1. Growth Potential -  We work with the candidate to uncover evidence of what he or she has created, changed or initiated, to determine their dynamic growth potential. 
  2. Results Focus -  We determine if candidates are results-driven and aware of the importance of results, and also to find out what kind of results are important to a candidate and if the candidate understands how to achieve results. 
  3. Organizational Fit -  Cultural fit is the likelihood that someone will reflect and/or be able to adapt to the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that make up your organization. 
  4. Ways of Working -  Principles are foundational rules and help us to see both the positive and negative consequence of our behaviors. This fact enables us to make more informed decisions, specifically, about how we choose to behave.  

Expert Technical Assessment

Case Studies


Using real-life situations, we assess the candidate's critical thinking skills to solve similar problems our talent search clients face to determine whether they have the knowledge needed to excel in the role.

Lean Tool Assessment


Using our proprietary assessment, we measure the candidate's level of competency in applicable Lean Business System tools with respect to the functional role being recruited for, to gauge their ability to drive sustainable results.

Technical Gemba Interviews


Our talent search practitioners have an average of 20 years of world-class, hands-on lean experience and assist in the “technical” interviewing process to determine the true level of expertise and lean background.

Recent Searches

Vice President, Markel Food Group Business System


Vice President, Avantor Business System


Plant Manager


General Manager


Vice President, Operations


Continuous Improvement Leader


Director, Avantor Business System


Vice President, Continuous Improvement




Lean Leader, Americas


Selecting a Lean Recruiter for Talent Search


5 Questions to ask before hiring a Lean Recruiter:

1. How many kaizens have you led or participated on?

2. What successful lean companies have you worked for?

3. What results have you delivered using lean tools/principles?

4. What lean books have you read?

5. How have you developed others’ lean skills?

Talent Search Team

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SVP, Leadership Practice


Carrie Haas


VP, Talent Search


Judy Bellamy


Director, Talent Search


Tony Costanzo


Director, Talent Search


Jillian Bowyer


Manager, Talent Sourcing & Operations


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