Enterprise Software Company Drastically Improves Lead Generation, Revenue Forecasting & Operational Procedures

Lean Focus Software Business Transformation

Despite being a world leader in pervasive data intelligence, the company didn’t have a standard system for driving continuous improvement. Without an effective problem-solving methodology to rely on, the company lacked the executional rigor necessary to consistently reach their ambitious goals and objectives. In particular, the marketing department struggled to create results-focused action plans, which made it difficult to measure the impact of marketing initiatives.

With a high-performance culture at its core, the company would be armed with the systems, principles, and people necessary to consistently meet their goals, and deliver sustained, profitable growth.

We kicked off their Lean Transformation with a weeklong boot camp for thirty members of the company’s enterprise-wide senior leadership team. Each team at the boot camp worked on a real-world business problem to apply the methodologies they had learned. At the end of the week, the company’s employees left with clear action plans, key performance indicators (KPIs), and actionable next steps.

Following the boot camp, we provided further coaching for the company’s global marketing team to develop a value-stream mapping and problem-solving process. This allowed the marketing team to start addressing business improvement priorities. We also helped the marketing team establish standard KPIs, a new cadence for operational reviews, and initiative action plans. Finally, we conducted several transactional Kaizen events to improve the company’s lead generation processes.

More effective waste elimination in the transactional lead generation processes improved the quality and quantity of leads that entered the company’s sales funnel. The company’s marketing team gained techniques to improve problem-solving, daily management, strategy deployment, and value-stream mapping. They also established clear departmental priorities, metrics, and actions to optimize the marketing team’s resources and budget. The company then used that newfound knowledge to build a stronger, more capable workforce that solves problems and delivers sustained results.

Key Outcomes

40% Lead Generation Increase
99% Revenue Forecasting Accuracy Achieved
BUILT A High-Performance Culture
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