At Lean Focus we’ve officially partnered with Pop-Dot to combine our operational expertise with their compelling, collaborative marketing services – including branding, advertising, public relations, and research-backed Systems+Design campaigns.

Together, we offer end-to-end guidance to help purpose-driven businesses grow and scale impact. While Lean Focus streamlines processes for maximum efficiency, Pop-Dot boosts brand presence and strategic marketing to drive real-world results.

Lean Focus began working with Pop-Dot, a full-service marketing agency, as a client at its inception in 2016. Upon a shared vision we have now become Strategic Partners in growth and brand building for all businesses.

Our collaborative and science-backed methodologies help purpose-driven leaders make confident decisions that holistically lift performance. From streamlining operations to branding and marketing strategy – we bridge silos for monumental change. With both big-picture and granular support, we empower you to:

Clarify vision to align teams

Refine processes for efficiency

Refresh creative to stand out

Amplify reach to engage new donors

Expand capacity to fund programs

Accelerate measurable growth

Let’s connect to explore how our synergistic approach can fast-track your organization’s goals and positive impact.
The first consultation is provided by Pop-Dot at no cost to Lean Focus clients and referrals.