Medical Device Titan Increases CAGR by $94M & Doubles Competitive Win Ratio Through Lean Transformation

Lean Focus Medical Device Business Sonova Transformation

With more than 15,000 employees, this Switzerland-based medical device manufacturer was focused on driving quality, growth, and efficiency through Lean. However, the company’s U.S. operations teams had little experience with Lean and continuous improvement concepts. Furthermore, their R&D team in Switzerland was struggling with having a robust process for project prioritization and ideation funnel building for new product launch ideas.

The company contacted Lean Focus to help their teams build a lasting, high-performance culture.

In the U.S., we conducted a sales funnel management installation workshop and hired a Commercial Growth Leader to drive the execution of commercial excellence initiatives. We also held a leadership system boot camp to introduce the U.S. operations teams to the processes of problem solving, daily management, and strategy deployment. We conducted Kaizens designed to drive productivity and quality improvement. The support we continued at the corporate headquarters in Switzerland, where Lean Focus facilitated a series of Kaizens during a management Kaizen week. Additionally, we conducted a portfolio management Kaizen to install product portfolio management processes within the R&D team.

The company has achieved a 30% increase in productivity, $94 million increase in revenue, an 83% decrease in late NPD projects, and cut their setup time in half. Regarding sales funnel management, both velocity and conversion rate improved. The R&D department’s project management and planning processes were overhauled to avoid resource conflicts. Furthermore, with increased transparency of the project interrelationships, the company has been able to add capacity.

Key Outcomes

$94M Revenue (CAGR) Increase
83% Reduction in Late NPD Projects
1/2 Setup Time Cut in Half
30% Productivity Increase
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