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Secure Strategy Deployment document storage solutions

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Getting strategic initiatives off the launch pad with the Strategy Deployment app,
the leading Strategy Deployment software.

Struggling to get projects off the ground because critical documents are on different computers, managed by a variety of people, using different applications? Strategy Deployment is built to simplify all aspects of deployment for you.

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Leveraging the Lean principles of the Lean Focus Business System, Strategy Deployment keeps everything centralized, organized, and secure with no data loss!

Strategy Deployment from Lean Focus tackles these challenges head-on, simplifying the process and centralizing all your strategic planning documents securely.

AUTOMATETask Automation

Automate the tasks of collecting, linking, collating, and visualizing data.

Enhanced TransparencyEfficiency Optimization

Minimize waste, maximize impact.


Keep data secure yet accessible.

The Foundation of Your Success

Lean Focus Business System (LBS)

While many apps claim to streamline your workflow, Strategy Deployment stands out with its unique integration of the Lean Focus Business System™ (LBS™). Trusted by world-class companies, including those in the Fortune 1000, LBS™ consistently delivers proven results.
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Streamline Your Strategy Deployment

Coordinate complex activities with familiar Excel-like workflows. It streamlines strategic processes and aligns multiple levels of your organization without disrupting existing software.

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Enable your team to utilize standardized documents within a single application to ensure flawless organization without errors or data loss.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 2


Eliminate the wait for team members to send spreadsheets via email or other insecure methods. Everything is created and stored in one central location.

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Experience no delays, errors, or waste, enhancing productivity and safeguarding data integrity.

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See how Strategy Deployment can organize all your critical data in one centralized and secure location. George Ellis of Lean Focus highlights the app’s ability to integrate Lean methodologies so your team can seamlessly coordinate to get strategic initiatives from start to finish.


Strategy Deployment is part of Lean Focus ToolSuite™, a hands-off method of applying the Lean Focus Business System™. Each application in ToolSuite is specifically designed with Lean principles to help you quickly deploy the LBS™ tools and get the results you need.

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