Visual Project Manager

Real-time Visual Project Tracking Software

POWERED BYLean Focus Business System (LBS)

Fix slips in real-time and reduce costly overruns with Visual Project Manager,
the leading Lean project management software.

Project management can be challenging. Maintaining standards for multiple projects while meeting deadlines and budgets can be overwhelming. Fragmented and misaligned tools only give a partial view of project status, leading to production delays.

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Stop slips before they start

Using Lean principles to remove unnecessary distractions, Visual Project Manager (VPM) is built with a focus on delivering real-time alerts so root causes of delays can be fixed immediately.

Enhanced TransparencyEnhanced

View the status of multiple projects in one snapshot, preventing slips and delays.


Receive immediate notifications and updates, allowing for swift interventions.

& Alignment

Standardize processes and align systems and personnel through detailed Phase Gates.

Long-term ImprovementLong-Term Improvement

Foster continuous process improvement and operational excellence within your team.

The Foundation of Your Success

Lean Focus Business System (LBS)

While many apps claim to streamline your workflow, Visual Project Manager stands out with its unique integration of the Lean Focus Business System™ (LBS™). Trusted by world-class companies, including those in the Fortune 1000, LBS™ consistently delivers proven results.
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Take Back Control of Your Projects

Visual Project Manager monitors project statuses in real time, pinpointing delays with red “stop & fix” signals. This allows you to quickly identify and resolve errors and delays proactively.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 1

Intuitive Visualization

Track project progress with real-time visual updates.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 2

Comprehensive Management Tools

Use features like Fever Charts, Buffer Lanes, and Pareto Graphs for detailed analysis.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 3

Customizable Templates

Adapt the app’s transparent templates to fit your audit compliance needs.

Lean Focus Software Suite - 3

Proactive Issue Resolution

Identify and address delays as they happen with the app’s “Stop & Fix” alerts.

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Take a Closer Look at Visual Project Manager

Dive into the future of project management with Visual Project Manager. George Ellis of Lean Focus highlights how VPM delivers real-time insights with a swim lane format, managed buffers, and comprehensive task details.


Visual Project Manager is part of Lean Focus ToolSuite™, a hands-off method of applying the Lean Focus Business System™. Each application in ToolSuite is specifically designed with Lean principles to help you quickly deploy the LBS™ tools and get the results you need.

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