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Applied with our proven, hands-on approach, the Lean Focus Business System™ utilizes 5 Key Elements—Growth, Lean, Leadership, Foundation, and Guiding Principles—to build the lasting organizational and cultural infrastructure it takes to transform a business for good. To see an overview of this integrated business system, click here. To see it in action, get in touch.

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Key Elements: Explained

Element One: Growth System

The Growth System is a collection of structured processes and tools that allow companies to create sustainable competitive advantage by driving above-market organic growth. The three main aspects of the Growth System include: Discover, Design, and Deploy.

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A customer-centric approach to gather and interpret customer insights, and go-to market strategies that delight customers and create competitive separation.


The rapid-design processes that accelerate product development time-to-market and support customers’ needs.


The go-to-market processes and tools used to improve sales and marketing productivity and effectiveness.

Element Two: Lean System

The Lean System is a set of proven, lean manufacturing tools that are deployed in a systematic manner to deliver breakthrough results in Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, and Productivity. The three main aspects of the Lean System are: Quality, Materials, and Operations.

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Ensuring a focus on quality from internal and external stakeholders, which can be achieved by assessing risk, applying basic quality systems, mistake-proofing, and reducing variation.


Ensuring a proper level of pull and flow systems are in place to reduce on-hand inventory, work in process, and reduce or eliminate wait time and other wastes.


Ensuring the business is running safely, on-time, uninterrupted, and as expected against a standard to drive performance.

Element Three: Leadership System

The Leadership System integrates the most critical component in driving both Growth and Lean improvements: people. The three main aspects of the Leadership System are: Business, Talent, and Culture.

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Establishing critical processes to build your strategic plan, deploying the plan to drive long-term strategy, improving strategic review sessions, conducting business operations reviews, and performing due diligence and acquisition integration processes.


Addressing strategy behind your recruiting, onboarding of new talent, managing the performance of existing talent, building the right organizational structure, and designing the next bench of players through Talent & Succession Planning.


Developing the Icons, Lexicon, and Code that drives your organizational culture by building adoption through every level of the organization, and cultivating internal talent to drive continuous improvement.

Elements Four & Five: Foundation System & Guiding Principles

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Foundation System

The most critical component to building a Lean Focus Business System™ is to have key foundational tools understood, accepted, and integrated into the business. The foundational tools we use include: Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work, Transactional Process Improvement, 6S & Visual Management, the 8 Wastes, Daily Management, Problem-Solving, and the Kaizen Event Process.

Guiding Principles

In order to build a strong culture of continuous improvement, certain Guiding Principles need to be built into the cultural DNA of a business by its leaders and its people. By adhering to these key true-north principles, we help organizations build a strong foundation capable of driving a sustainable continuous-improvement culture.

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